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One cheapest online college is "Macalester College"! You can find mor details in Wiki.

Western Governors University (WGU) is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is founded 11 years ago by the governors of 19 states. According to survey, WGU's enrolment rate skyrocketed in 2006 and 2007 by 40%. It is a non-profit university funded mainly by tuition and supplied by governors worth US$20million. Western Governors University is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Higher education tuition is at an all-time high and it only looks to keep rising. But going to college does not have to mean breaking the bank of graduating with insurmountable debt. There are affordable options still providing high-quality education. All they are sought by students at any time. In Internet there are many web sites that probably have assembled the cheapest universities and colleges online by degree mater and subject level. In this way you can find these programs working best for you, your wallet and your interests. These colleges and universities are the right place for all the students.

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Degree in sociology

A lot of people take their first sociology course simply to fill a college requirement, not knowing much about the field before stepping into that first course. However, soon after many of these people fall in love with the subject matter and decide to major in it. You may be asking yourself What can I do with a degree in sociology in case this is you. Most people who think of themselves as sociologists or have the word “sociologist’ in their job title, have graduate training, but BA in this field apply the sociological perspective to a wide variety of jobs in sectors such as business, the health professions, the criminal justice system, social services and government. Sociology provides several things as a strong liberal arts major. The undergraduate degree provides a strong liberal arts preparation for entry-level positions throughout the social services, business and government words. Employers look for people with the skills than an undergraduate education in sociology provides. This field offers valuable preparations for careers in journalism, politics, business or public administrations since its subject matter is intrinsically fascinating. All these fields involve investigative skills and working with diverse groups.


Many of the students choose degree in sociology because they see it as a broad liberal arts base for such professions as law, education, social work and much more. It provides a rich fund of knowledge that directly pertains to each of these fields. The more likely it is that a job will have the title sociologist with advanced degrees, but many opportunities exist. The diversity of sociological careers ranges much further than what you might find under S in the Sunday newspaper employment ads. Many of the jobs outside the academia do not necessarily carry the specific title of sociologist. Sociologists become high school teachers or faculty in universities and colleges. Currently over 3 000 colleges offer courses in sociology. People in this field enter the corporate, non-profit and government world as directors of research, consultants, human resource managers and much more. In our days sociologists embark upon literally hundreds of career paths. Other forms of employment are growing both in significance and number although teaching and conducting research remains the dominant activity among the thousands of professional sociologists in our days. Sociologists in some sectors work closely with political sciences, economists, psychologists, social workers and many other different professionals. Practicing sociologists with advanced degrees may be called research analysts, urban planners, community developers and much more. Degree in this field gives a wide range of opportunities for professional and career realization. You can choose to work as a professor in a college, university and other educational institution or to make your own sociological company. Depends on your goals and interests, sociology is a field which provide people with all they need to succeed. In our days a big number of students choose sociology and after graduate, they become professionals with a lot of experience.


Career in sociology

Sociology is a social science that focuses on the study of groups of human beings. It looks at the development of social groups, their structures and interactions within and among them. Does this sound interesting enough? If so you should consider choosing sociology as your college major. Some who do continue their studies in this area and eventually earn a master’s degree or a PhD. They can then go on to work as sociologists or become academics. Many of the undergraduate sociology majors leave this field entirely to pursue other careers in which they can use the skills they attained while earning their degrees. Some of these skills include the ability to do research and data analysis, communicate well and think critically. There are some key options for all the people who want to work in the field of sociology. Each one of the options is a good choice and can provide you with all the things you need to become real professional. In case you have some difficulties in choosing the right variant, do not hesitate to ask some of your friends or even college administrators because they will always help you in this case.


Human Resources specialist is one of the best options for career in sociology. These specialists deal with personnel matters within organizations. They recruit, hire and retain workers. This occupation utilizes a sociology’s major knowledge of groups structures and interactions to solve workplace problems such as disputes between employers. Also your background will come in handy when determining whether a job candidate will fit in with the current staff. Harmony in the workplace is valuable commodity and anyone who can help facilitate that is valued as well. You can also be a writer or editor if you think about a career in sociology. Writers create materials for print and media online. Editors select the material to be published as well as give guidance to writers. You had to do quite a bit of research as well as write papers as a sociology major. You will be a pro at doing research and explaining complex concepts in writing by the time you complete your degree. Insurance agents also have degree in sociology often times so thanks to it they can practice their profession. Insurance agents send insurance policies to individuals and businesses. They help the clients to find suitable policies based on their needs and what they can afford. Your ability to communicate well will help you to do your job. You will have to become licensed by the state in which you plan to work while you don’t need to have a degree in a specific subject to work as an insurance agent. Also you will need separate licenses to sell different types of insurance, for example life, health and casualty. This may require some formal training, depending on the state. All these options are good for people wishing to make a career in sociology.


Strategies for school imporvement

Every school administrator looks for new ways to improve their school. There are some most popular strategies for school improvement that are important for everyone who rules an educational institution, no matter school, college or university. These strategies provide straining place for administrators who want provide fresh and engaging activities with all the members of school community. School improvement may come into many different forms. Anything that provides positive interactions amongst the patrons in your school community fits the mold of school improvement activities. Writing a weekly newspaper column is the first important strategy you have to learn more about it. It will highlight the success of the school, focus on individual efforts of teachers and give student recognition. Also it will deal with challenges that the school is facing and need that we have. Writing the newspaper column will allow the public the opportunity to see what is going on within the school on a weekly basis. It will allow them the opportunity to see both the obstacles and success that the school is facing. Having a monthly open house is important because this will allow parents the opportunity to come into the classroom of their children and participate in activities about subject areas that they are currently learning.


Thursday lunch with the parents is the third strategy for school improvement. Each Thursday a group of ten parents may be invited to eat lunch with the principal of a school. Actually, this lunch is some kind of conference room and talk about issues that are current with the school. Thanks to the lunch parents will have the opportunity to become comfortable with the principal and to express both concerns and positives about the school. It also allows the school to be more personalized and gives them the opportunity to provide input. Implement a greater program is the next important strategy that will certainly lead to school improvement. This program will make visitors seem more welcomed. Also it will allow the school to have a more personalized and friendly environment. Good first impressions are important. Most of the people will come away with a good first impression with friendly greeters at the door. A monthly potluck lunch is the second strategy. Each month the teachers will get together and bring food for a potluck lunch. There will be doors prizes at each of these lunches. Teachers are free to socialize with other teachers and staff while enjoying good food. This will allow the staff to sit down together once a month and relax while people are eating. It will provide an opportunity for relationships and friendships to develop. It will provide a time for the staff to pull together and have some fun. Conducting a yearly business fair is one of the best strategies for school improvement. This allows the business community the opportunity to come into the school and show kids what all they do. It also allows the community to be apart of the education of students.



How to be a gerat student

In case you have decided to go back to school you have to learn more about the ways that will help you understand how to be a great student. First of all you have to take hard classes. You are paying good money for an education, so make sure you get one. There will be classes that are required for your major, of course, but you will have a fair number of electives as well. Do not take classes to simply accrue credits – take such classes that really teach you something. Just be passionate about learning. Show up every time – make your classes your highest priority. This is not always possible in case you have children. They should always come first. But you are not getting that education discusses in the first way in case you do not show up for your classes. Make sure you’ve got a good plan for seeing that your children are cared for when you are scheduled to be in class and when you need to study. It is really possible to raise children while you are going to school. In fact, people do it every day so is something completely typical.


Sit in the front row – this is the third way in case you want to learn how to be a great student. Sitting in the front row can be very uncomfortable at first in case you happen to be shy. This is one of the best ways to pay attention to everything being taught. You can hear better and also you can see everything on the board without having to crane your neck around the head in front of you. Next important thing – this will allow you to make eye contact with the professor. Do not underestimate the power of this. She or he will be extra willing to help you in case they know you are really listening and that you care about what you are learning. If you don’t understand something, do not hesitate to immediately ask questions. Your instructor probably already knows by the look on your face that you don’t understand something in case you are in the front row and have been making eye contact. A polite raising of your hand is all you need to do to indicate you’ve got a question. It is not appropriate to interrupt, make a quick note of your question so you don’t forget and ask later. Creating a study space is the fifth important way that can show you how to be a great student. Carve out a place at home that is your study space. Make sure everyone understands that when you are in that space, you are not to be interrupted unless the house is on fire if you have got a family around you. Create such a space that helps you make the most of your study time. Know your own style and create the space you need.


Special education teaching jobs

Special education teaching jobs will continue to grow in the next decade. There will continue to be an increase in the number of children who will be identified for some special education interventions, not only will be record retirements as baby boomers hit their 60’s, if only for part of their educational career. In all states a teacher in the field of special education is required to be licensed as a special education teacher. Teachers in this field are required to have certification in another area of education since the 2004 reauthorization of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act simply known as IDEA. Teachers who work with elementary school aged children are required to be certified in elementary education. Teachers working with high school children are required to be certified in a core subject such as social studies, language arts or math. Teacher certification programs are approved by the National Council for Accreditation of Teachers Education, just known as NCATE. Be sure that the program you are in is accredited or you will be out of luck in case you are pursuing a job in teaching. The accreditation is one of the most important factors for the quality of educational institutions.


Most of the states have created alternative tracks to teaching because of a shortage of special education teachers and the challenges and low pay associated with either inner city school districts or private state approved schools. People who pursue alternative tracks need to realize that emergency certification is not awarded to teach in wealthy suburbs. They hire teachers with multiple certificates and master’s degrees. This certification is issued to people willing to teach in underpaid and difficult situations. They will walk you through the steps required by your state of emergency certification once you have found an organization that needs you as a special education teacher. You will need a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, a willingness to work hard and the willingness to pursue the college credits you will need while you are teaching. A master’s degree is not required, but it only makes sense to get into such a certification program that terminates with a Master of Education. You will have opportunities in suburban public school which pay much better than inner city schools or private schools once you are certified. For everyone who wants to find special education jobs is important to know that special education teachers are paid by school districts according to the contracts of teachers negotiated by teacher associations and school district. Most of the states have tenure laws to protect teachers from political pressure or a school board that wishes to save money by hiring new and inexperienced teachers. Usually salaries reflect the cost of living in a state, but states which are “right to work states” usually pay 6.5 to 11 percent less than “Fair share” states, where people who do not join the union still pay for representation in negotiations.


Types of online jobs for teachers

The need for online teachers and other not teaching, education positions such as instructional designers is rapidly expanding with 65 percent of higher education institutions in 2011 making online learning a critical part of their long-term strategy. The growth of the online industry, however, is not limited to higher education. High school level jobs and K-12 for teachers online and tutors are exploding, as is businesses’ need for educational professionals in creating training materials and courses online. These jobs for online teachers often work-at-home opportunities or could eventually become work at home and so they represent an avenue for more flexible work benefits for those in the educational field. There are many types of jobs for online teachers so in case you want to become such a teacher, you need to learn more about them. K-12 school systems are embracing online education as well, while higher education gets all the buzz for its online learning growth. 39 states have implemented some online learning for K-12 students in 2010 and in many of the remaining states some districts offered online education. These online teacher positions are either directly through governmental entities or for companies that contract with school system.


Both completely brick-and-mortar colleges and colleges online are expanding their courses online offerings. The number of online enrollments has increased much more rapidly than overall higher-education enrollments for the last eight years. 10 percent more students were enrolled in at least one online course in the fall of 2010 than the previous fall. Naturally, this increase in enrollments means a greater demand for course development personnel to create the courses as well as online faculty to teach them. There are plenty of other opportunities, but these are the two most basic categories of work in colleges online. Most of the types of jobs for online teachers – for example at virtual colleges – require – at an absolute minimum – a master’s degree. Tutoring too generally requires a master’s. Instructional design jobs may only require a bachelor’s and experience. Usually test prep jobs require a high score – 95th percentile and up on the test. More companies need virtual training products to give their employees the skills to succeed remotely as they cultivate a telecommuting workforce. And it may be more cost effective for on-site employees to train virtually. Some of the large companies are hiring in-house instructional designers to design training programs and sometimes online instructors to meet this need, although this task may fall on existing staff. However, frequently these training products are designed by companies that specialize in creating them. There is a growing need for educational professionals outside the world of academia, either way. For-profit companies offer test preparation courses and materials for professional certification in addition to test preparation for academic tests. And many businesses in the private sector contract with government and academic institutions to offer educational services. Qualifications for these corporate education jobs vary. Usually required is professional experience in instructional design, training or education.


Qualities of a good principal

Principals have difficult jobs. They are responsible for the education that each student receives under their career as the face and head of the school. They set the tone of the school and decide staffing decisions and student discipline issues week in and week out. There are a lot of effective administrators at the helm of school across the nation. Sadly, also there are many who do not exhibit the leadership qualities necessary to inspire and motivate their students and staff. What are the qualities of a good principal – this is the question that many people probably ask every day. First of all each principal must provide support. Good teachers need to feel supported and to believe that they will get the help they need when have an issue in their classroom. A third of the over 300 teachers who resigned in 1997-98 did so due to lack of administrative support according to a survey of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. This situation has not changes that much in the past decade. Of course, this is not to say that principals should blindly back teachers without using their own judgment. Teachers are human beings and make mistakes.


Highly visible is also one of the most important qualities of a good principal. A good principal must be seen. She or he must be out in the hallways interacting with students and participating in pep rallies and also attending sport matches. Their presence must be such that students know who they are and also feel comfortable approaching and interacting with them. To be an effective learner is also a very good thing for each principal. Much of what principal will have to do with their time is listen to others assistant principals, teachers, students, parents and staff. They need, however, learn and practice active listening skills every single day. They need to be present in each conversation despite the other hundred or so things that are calling for their attention. Also they need to actually hear what is being said to them before coming up with their own response. Problem solving is the core of the principal’s job. New principals come into a school in many cases particularly because of the issues it is facing. It might be that the test scores of the school are really low, that it has a high number of discipline issues or that it is facing financial issues due to poor leadership by the previous administrator. Each good principal has a clear vision as he or she is the leader of the school. They have the responsibility for everything that goes on in the school. Their attitude and vision need to be clear and load. They might find it useful to create their own vision statement which they post for all to see. They need to consistently enforce their own educational philosophy into the school setting. Having all these things everyone is able to be the best principal in the school.


Teaching at private vs public schools

You have a big decision to make as a teacher – whether to teach in public or a private school. Public schools are required by law to admin any student. Since they are paid for by our taxes, they are free to all students. However, this does not mean that every public school is funded at the same level just because funding comes from taxes. Private schools, on the other hand, can be and are in most cases selective on who they admit to their schools. Students have to pay for their schooling although most of the private schools allow partial or full scholarships to admitted students who show financial need. The students that attend a private school are more likely to be homogenous than those at a public school, because the admission process is selective. You will be much less likely to encounter a special needs student in a private than in a public school because of the limited funds and very few mandates. The government has less power over the day-to-day administration of private schools as compared to public schools. This is because private schools do not use tax dollars thereby removing many state requirements that public schools have to meet.


In case you wonder between teaching at private vs public schools, it it important to note that many of the private schools are built on the belief that religion should be a part of the education of each child while it is against the law for public schools to espouse and provide specific religious instruction. Teach education – this is another important thing you have to consider in case you have some hesitations about where to practice your career. Private schools have much greater leeway, while public have certain minimum requirements for teachers including certification and specific degrees. Teachers in private schools, therefore, may not be required to have certifications or specific degrees to teach in their subject areas. Student discipline and class size are the next two important factors in case you don’t know whether to teach in private or public schools. It is a difficult proposition due to lack of schools, teachers and funding while many of the states are trying to keep class size down. Most private schools have class size as one of their selling points, on the other hand. These schools can obviously keep class size down because they can limit the number of students attending their schools. It is often easier for private schools to remove disruptive students from classes and in the end the school itself because of a greater amount of parental involvement and more leeway when dealing with classroom discipline issues. Probably the biggest negative is the pay, while there are many pros and cons to teaching in a private school. Teachers there make in most cases much less than their public school counterparts. But these schools are inclusive and this leads to its own problems and prejudices.


How to pay for an online degree

Many people probably want to learn more about how to pay for an online degree. Earning such a degree can be in many cases overwhelmingly expensive. It is common for students to complete an undergraduate degree with four-figures of debt hanging over their heads, even for majors that do not provide a clear path to profitable employment. The best move you can make for your financial future is to be money savvy from the start. Choose a school that you can afford with helps from some of the programs, use caution with excess financial aid funds and make sure that your major is worth the investment. Make sure that you take advantage of the resources we offer to you while you are still a student. Many more options are available to those that are currently enrolled in courses than to those that are done with school and finally realizing how much of a burden their debt can be. Whatever you choose from some of the resources, it is important to be convenient for you. This means the resources have to meet all of your needs and goals which is, however, not easy at all.


Federal subsidized loans are the first option for students who want to know how to pay for an online degree. These programs are a good deal for students because the government pays the loan interest for as long as you are in school. You do not need to make a single payment or see your balance rise due to interest until you graduate. Keep in mind that federal loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy unlike almost all other loans. Several of the federal programs, however, make it possible for you to pay less in case you make less or are experiencing other hardships. In case you or your parents make less than a certain threshold, you can qualify for subsidized federal loans. Unsubsidized loans are also federal and offer the same features as subsidized ones but without the benefit of the government paying your interest while you are in school. You won’t need to make payments as a student, but interest will begin accruing immediately. Most of the students qualify for these loans no matter how much their parents or they make. Federal grants are another good option – they are probably the best deal available for students. You and your parents must be considered a low-income family based on your tax returns in order to qualify. Some of the grants are also available for students who have plans to major in highly-needed fields. For example, the National Smart Grant offers funds to students in their 3rd or 4th year of school majoring in math, physical and life sciences, engineering, technology or foreign language. College scholarships are another option. Almost all colleges offer some kind of internal scholarship to students that show academic achievement or economic need. Generally the scholarships are funded by donors to the school and can be based on a number of qualifications.


Effective learning environment

There are several alternatives available when it comes to the type of education that a child can receive. In our days parents have more choices than ever. The overall setting that parents want their child to be educated in is the primary factor that they have to weigh. Also it is important for parents to examine the individual needs and make up of the child and the financial state they are in when deciding about effective learning environment and if it fits their children. When it comes to education a child, there are five essential options. Those include public schools, private schools, charter schools, homeschooling and virtual schools. Each one of these options provides a unique learning environment and setting. There are cons and pros of each these choices. It is important for parents, however, that they are most important people when it comes to the quality of education their child receives, no matter which of the options they provide for their child. In our days education plays a big role about many aspects of life – such as finding a good job and making a successful career, so parents must be careful when choosing effective learning environment.


Success is not defined by the type of schooling you received as a young person. Each of the five options has developed a lot of people who were successful. The value that parents of the child place on education and the time they spend working with children at home are the key factors in determining the quality of education a child receives. You can put almost any child in any learning environment and they are typically going to be successful in case they have those two things. Likewise, children who do not have parents who value education or work with them at home have odds that are stacked against them. This is not to say that a child cannot overcome these odds. Intrinsic motivation plays a major factor too and a child that is motivated to learn will do no matter how much their parents do or not do value education. The overall learning environment does play a role in the quality of education a child receives. It is important to note that the most effective learning environment for another. Other important thing is to remember the importance of the learning environment decreases as parental involvement in education increases. Each potential learning environment can be effective. You just have to look at all the options and make the best decision for you and your child. One of the things that everyone wants in our days is to receive quality education. This really can happen but first of all you need effective learning environment. No matter which one of the five options you will choose, the environment is the main factor. Your children will certainly need your support and advises so give them all you can and in that way you will help them a lot for their success.


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